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Our partners

Bruker is a manufacturer of analytical instruments in the field of chemical analysis, such as X-ray diffractometers.

Carbolite Gero is a manufacturer of high temperature and laboratory heaters for various applications up to 3000 °C.

Concr3de is a printer manufacturer with a printer portfolio that can process various building materials such as sand, granite, but also commercial ceramic powders using binder jetting.

Exentis is a manufacturer of industrially manufactured high volume additive manufactured components.

At IEK-1 - Materials Synthesis and Manufacturing Processes, we research and develop materials, parts and components for future highly efficient energy conversion and storage systems. High-performance ceramics play a key role in this. We use our many years of expertise in the synthesis of new materials and their processing methods to produce coatings and materials as well as numerous coating techniques from the gas phase, drawing on state-of-the-art machinery. Our core competencies enable us to develop reliable ceramic coating systems and composite materials for energy technologies.

Glatt is a company specializing in the development, production and refinement of powders. For these applications, it offers the associated machines.

Linseis specializes in the high-temperature characterization of materials and supplies both analytical equipment and software.

sico solutions is a scientific team that deals with the simulation of sintering processes, rheology and much more in the field of development or production of various materials and also offers software solutions.

Voxeljet is a machine manufacturer for binder jetting machines with focus on industrial applications.

Struers is a specialist in the field of sample preparation and offers machines and related consumables for cutting, embedding up to polishing.

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Dr. Dieter Nikolay
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