We make the future of ceramics

Ceramic markings CerTrace®

Temperature-resistant markings for ceramic components.

Ceramic testing CerCheck®

Optimize components, predict service life and check suitability.

Ceramic 3D Print CerPrint®

Additive manufacturing for your ceramic product.

Ceramic coatings CerCoat®

Scratch-resistant coatings for the durability of your components.

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WZR - Your partner for technical ceramics and ceramics 3D printing

Although it is less prominent than plastic and metal, ceramics play a key role in almost all technical applications.

Technical ceramics are wear-resistant, electrically insulating, biocompatible and stable – even at the highest temperatures.

The majority of materials also known as high-performance ceramics have only been developed in recent decades. We support you in the selection of the appropriate material for your application, the “ceramics-compatible” design, the manufacture of components, e.g. by means of ceramic 3D printing, and quality assurance during the process.

We offer creative and innovative solutions based on our many years of experience in the entire application spectrum of ceramics. In our laboratory we develop the appropriate solution for your requierements. Our core competencies are the customer-specific development of ceramic coatings, the additive production or 3D printing of ceramic components as well as the testing and evaluation of ceramics.


Diverse competencies in technical ceramics and advanced ceramics

We work in interdisciplinary project teams on various tasks. We are material scientists, engineers, chemists, physicists and mineralogists. Agile management, a motivated, creative team and “fun at work” are the key to our success.
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The development of your components requires modern technologies.


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