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Material and process development in ceramics

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Young highly qualified specialists


Our mission: Material and process development in ceramics

When Dr. Wolfgang Kollenberg founded WZR ceramic solutions GmbH in 1996, he found perfect starting conditions in the recently completed Start-up and Technology Center in Rheinbach. Due to increasing customer demand, we continuously expanded our range of analytical examination procedures and physical test methods. Our team grew at the same rate.

With these various possibilities new fields of activity opened up: In addition to the classical testing and characterization jobs, our customers increasingly asked for material optimization. So it was clear that we also wanted to focus on material development and process development. To meet these requirements, we moved into a new building in 2003. The laboratory had to be expanded and should meet current standards of research and development.

In 2005 we had to extend our halls again. Since then we have been able to optimally implement our range of service, expand our customer base and also consistently develop our fields of competence.


Our goal: Innovation

Dr. Kollenberg already recognized the potential of additive manufacturing of ceramics in 2004. Since that time, WZR has made fundamental developments in the field of 3D printing of ceramics, and WZR now holds numerous patents. The registered trademark CerPrint® is a result of our research and development work. Under this brand, we sell ceramic components, carry out development projects, and sell powder and inks to customers around the world.

Since 2006 we have been offering the production of ceramic components from batch size 1. Step by step we established 3D printing, vacuum hot casting and CNC machining as production methods to manufacture ceramic components with a precision of +/- 0.01 mm.

In 2009 the field of ceramic coatings became particularly relevant for us. Under the label CerCoat® we develop sol-gel coatings, carry out coating orders and sell coating materials produced in-house.

In 2012, Werkstoffzentrum Rheinbach GmbH became WZR ceramic solutions GmbH . We have developed from a pure testing laboratory to an innovation driver in the field of ceramic materials. This should now be reflected in our name. Our focus is on ceramics and our objective is to work towards solutions for your innovations.


Our team: young highly qualified specialists

From day one, the promotion of young talents has been one of our corporate goals. Therefore we cooperate closely with universities and colleges. Over the years, we have already supervised more than 25 student theses from a wide variety of departments. Some of these very talented young graduates* became part of our team. The combination of experienced professionals and young scientists is the foundation for a very creative and productive environment. For us, this is the cornerstone for innovation and further development. This is the reason why we feel at home in the most diverse areas of ceramics.

Ceramic solutions from WZR

Today, ceramics prove themselves daily in a variety of applications, whether in the household as sealing discs for single lever mixing valves or as grinding mechanism in pepper mills, in mechanical and plant engineering as wear protection or as sliding and sealing rings, in the textile industry as thread guides, in electrical engineering as insulators. Today, technical ceramics is on an equal footing with other materials and is partly classified as part of the high-tech sector. Many of the research results of the last decades have not yet been implemented in production. However, the decisive factor for the wider use of ceramics is a higher acceptance by designers and users. We help you to open up new applications by providing prototypes quickly and cost-efficient.

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